As one of the largest Barramundi fish farms in the world, Kühlbarra raises their super-breed in a 100% natural environment, with no GMO, antibiotics or hormones. Their custom-formulated sustainable and traceable feed, with added salmon oil, is used to cater to different ages of the fish to ensure healthy growth and high Omega-3 content.

Options Include both fresh and frozen:

  • Barramundi 1-3lb. fillets: Skin on, Scale off & belly off for 100% yield.
  • Barramundi Portions: Skin on or off, 4,6, 8oz cut from 2-3lb fillets.
  • Barramundi Fillet Portions: Skin on or off, 5/7 & 7/9oz belly off

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Located in the Province of Zeeland in the Netherlands, Kingfish Zeeland taps into the pristine marine estuary water of the Oosterschelde, a Natura 2000 nature reserve- working to deliver a fresh, sustainable, and healthy premium delicacy: the Yellowtail Kingfish.

Dutch Yellowtail, a high grade Sashimi, grilled, or smoked classic, is an excellent sustainable alternative to over-fished or unsustainably farmed premium species.

Kingfish Zeeland is excited to be recognized and recommended as a “Green” choice by the “Good Fish Foundation”, and we are committed to continue to work towards ever higher standards of sustainability and quality!

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