Our integrated value chain ensures a world-class product. We have chosen to build up our entire organization locally along the Norwegian coast. That means full control from roe to finished fillet – and offers healthy, fresh cod every single day of the year.

We go the extra mile to ensure that our fish enjoy the best possible life: lower density, better feed, and a high level of expertise give us excellent biological results – and a great product. This is a fish that feels good and also tastes good.

Ode provides a stable supply of consistently high-quality fresh cod. Highly nutritious and with a firm texture, our clear white farmed cod is not only super fresh, but also offers a delicate silky taste. A fish celebrated by chefs worldwide.


Ode to Excellence

The cod is worshiped and trusted in all corners of the world. A healthy globetrotter that has fed many mouths and shaped many food cultures. We give praise to this delicacy. Nurtured in controlled environments based on sustainable principles. Naturally cared for in crystal-clear Norwegian waters, this is excellence in its purest form.