As one of the largest Barramundi fish farms in the world, Kühlbarra raises their super-breed in a 100% natural environment, with no GMO, antibiotics or hormones. Their custom-formulated sustainable and traceable feed, with added salmon oil, is used to cater to different ages of the fish to ensure healthy growth and high Omega-3 content.

Options Include both fresh and frozen:

  • Barramundi 1-3lb. fillets: Skin on, Scale off & belly off for 100% yield.
  • Barramundi Portions: Skin on or off, 4,6, 8oz cut from 2-3lb fillets.
  • Barramundi Fillet Portions: Skin on or off, 5/7 & 7/9oz belly off

Caribbean Sustainable Fisheries are a lobster farming business based in the British Virgin Islands, dedicated to protecting the seas and the local community whilst producing the best quality Caribbean spiny lobster.

A fully traceable product, our chain of custody from fishers, to farm ensures that Jouvert represents the very best of what Caribbean Sustainable Fisheries has to offer. Highly sought after, desired and asked for by name, Jouvert is recognised as the very best.


Our shrimp are raised in local farms located on the pristine coastlines of Indonesia to ensure quality and sustainability. We implemented data-driven farming methods with the use of eco-friendly technology, seaweed, and mangrove as natural water purifiers. We also ensure that no preservatives are added.

We offer our customers peace of mind by offering healthy and safe shrimp. We hide nothing behind our shrimp shells. Through the complete traceability technology, you can see your shrimp’s journey, from farm to fork, to the investment you contributed towards the community and environment.


For half a century, all along the Atlantic coast, generations of Norwegian fish farmers have worked the cold, dark waters of the fjords in all kinds of weather. Their tireless toil helping to establish Norway as one of the world’s leading nations in modern aquaculture.

Today, through the application of advanced technology and new knowledge, an exciting new chapter in Norwegian aquaculture history is opening. With our all-Norwegian value chain, Ode is setting the standard as a producer of premium farmed cod.

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