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Seafood Standards You Can Trust



Awarded to seafood companies who believe meeting and exceeding international best practice guidelines is smart for business and good for customers.


Sustainable farming and fishing practices ensure customers receive deliciously fresh, healthy and high quality seafood.
responsible sourcing_t


Following industry regulations for wild and farmed seafood is an important reason customers purchase through us.
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Your health is important to us, which is why we work with companies who follow safe seafood practices and standards.

Playing it Smart

Candor Family Brand’s team has over seventy-five (*** assumes an average of 20+ for Marcy, Joe & Jennifer + a handful for Deirdre and myself***) years of collective attendance at the Boston Seafood show. So of course, we were all disappointed that SENA 2020 had to be postponed – and perhaps, canceled – this year,…

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US consulting firms Candor, Pearl Oceans partner to fuel North American sales for Stolt, Laitram, others

Candor Consulting, a seafood importer and sales, marketing and consulting firm based in the Florida Keys, has agreed to a joint venture with Pearl Oceans, a newly launched San Diego, California-based consulting firm, to promote multiple sustainable seafood producers and processors in North America. Among the first clients for which the newly created JV will…

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