Candor Family Brand’s team has over seventy-five (*** assumes an average of 20+ for Marcy, Joe & Jennifer + a handful for Deirdre and myself***) years of collective attendance at the Boston Seafood show. So of course, we were all disappointed that SENA 2020 had to be postponed – and perhaps, canceled – this year, but we recognize the difficult decision made by Diversified Communications as the right one.

We’ll sincerely miss the energy surrounding the show and the unique experiences it provides: catching up with friends & colleagues, making new contacts, generating new ideas & collaborations and inking deals, whether by pen or handshake.

The Industry has been forward thinking as evident by large participants pulling out of SENA weeks prior to the official postponement. Likewise, companies have made the intelligent decision to minimize travel and in-person meetings.

In keeping with our partners and competition Candor Family Brands has made the decision to delay in-person meetings and all travel not critical to operations. Our staff is comprised of healthy, (relatively 😉 young individuals that fall outside the high-risk category identified by the CDC and NIH. In all likelihood we could continue our typical travel schedule without consequences to ourselves, but we recognize the ethical obligation to not serve as asymptomatic carriers endangering the vulnerable in our respective communities.

Until the CDC and other health agencies are able to provide additional data based guidance as to how the novel virus should affect travel, imports, etc., we look forward to chatting with our clients, customers and community via electronic communications.

Our industry is as globalized as any and Candor appreciates that we’re all in this together! With a bit of time and the necessary help of the collective, thoughtful actions of individuals and business we anticipate seeing you all in-person in short order.

Our whole team will be together holding virtual meetings from Florida on Sunday, March 15th, Monday, March 16th & Tuesday, March 17th, so if you’d like a time slot email

Michael Aldonas
COS, VP of Sales
Candor Seafood